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Part 2: 7 Essentials Every Youth Service Needs

Mon, 04 Mar 2013 - 4:04 PM CST

My previous entry included the first four necessary ingredients for a healthy youth service (Prayer, Red Carpets, Worship and Laughter). I will now reveal what I believe the final three components are to engaging in a memorable youth service. In no way am I suggesting that these are the only elements needed, but simply that every youth service needs to have, at minimum, these seven.

5. Message

How will they hear without a preacher? God's Word must be presented each time, period! As a youth leader you must understand that you are God's mouthpiece to a generation. Sharing God's Word stresses your own dependence on it, challenges students to live it, and equips your group for life's journeys.

6. Links

No...not websites, but real links. Linking students (building relationships) with one another and with Christ. Students live in a highly technological society. We have an incredible privilege of engaging students with real people in real time. Developing face-to-face relationships with students indirectly teaches them that they can enjoy a personal relationship with a personal Savior.

7. Shhh!

Every youth meeting is filled with loud music, loud shouts, loud games, etc... I wonder if we fear quiet. Be still and know that I am God. Could we offer a time for quiet reflection and response with God? A place/time when I can respond to God's voice in my life. Remember, we are best altered at an altar. Every journey with God begins with an altar.

So there you have it. Seven elements needed in every youth service. Of course, like a recipe, we all add our own unique flavoring. Just be careful not to miss the necessary ingredients.

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