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7 Ways to Connect with Parents

Thu, 25 Jul 2013 - 11:13 AM CST

Use Social Media

Many parents text and/or are on Facebook because their teens use these methods to communicate. Send a ‘Happy Anniversary/Birthday' text ‘Congrats on your new job' or ‘Prayed for you and your family today' message. Avoid sending ‘announcement only' messages.

Tell Parents What You Preached On

Let parents know ahead of time what you'll be talking about. Consider giving parents one question they can ask their teen about the message with the calendar. Post this on your website. This will also be an incentive for parents to visit your site. 

Have a Progressive Dinner

Have four or five host homes put together one course for the meal. Other parents can then join the host family to help. This connects parents as well. Everyone drives/rides to the host homes for part of the meal (appetizer, salad/soup, main course, dessert, dessert) or do a reverse dinner and start with dessert. As students are eating you're connecting with parents. Be sure to send a thank you after the event. 

Equip Parents with a Family Devotional Plan

A great tool is FIRE Starters, filled with 365 devotions covering the entire New Testament. You can order one at http://youth.ag.org/resources/.

Send a Card

A couple of times a year send parents a hand-written card in the mail thanking them for their support and allowing their son/daughter to attend the group. 

Make it a Point to Get to Them at Church

Make Sundays about connecting with parents who attend your church. Pray with them, encourage them, thank them, notice them, and ask about their other children not in youth group. 

Have a New Sixth/Seventh Graders Night and Invite Parents

Consider a meal (Pizza), parent/teen games, and a short presentation on what parents and teens can expect their fist year in youth group. Gather information, hand out a calendar for the year, and introduce other leaders.


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