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The Value of the Event

Thu, 22 Aug 2013 - 3:04 PM CST

I'm not a big event guy. 

Either way you interpret that sentence, it's true.  Events are not the highlight of my year and the size and scope of them doesn't change that fact. I prefer the process, the journey, and the moments in between THE moment.

But there are three things I've learned to love and value about events.

1.  The work of the Spirit. 

We have no control over this one but it needs to be said. I believe God honors our unity and I also believe that simply changing the scenery can heighten a student's sensitivity to what God is saying.  In other words, events can be a time of both coming together and coming apart. There's nothing like seeing the Spirit use that combination to do a real work in teenagers, revealing Jesus to their hearts.

2.  The power of the moment.

I can walk into certain rooms and immediately point to a place where I had an encounter with God.  The moment becomes a landmark in our spiritual lives.  In the Old Testament, our spiritual fathers built physical landmarks to signify where and when heaven invaded earth.  While the ultimate spiritual landmark in our lives is the cross, there are additional times when God reminds us of His greatness and the Spirit whispers to us of Jesus' goodness.  Those moments matter.

3.  The importance of the conversation.

I often tell leaders that events have a way of starting, restarting or accelerating really important conversations between students and leaders; between disciples and disciple-makers.  You can't sustain a moment but you can sustain a conversation.  Without the moment, there may be no conversation; but without the conversation, the moment will never be more than just a nice memory.  Getting students plugged in to disciple-making environments creates opportunity for the conversation to continue.

May God help us value the conversation, celebrate the moment, and depend fully upon the work of His Spirit.


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