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52 Things to do as a Youth Leader

Tue, 03 Dec 2013 - 4:18 PM CST

Use this list as a weekly challenge to you as a youth leader. Each week attempt one new thing from the list. Not able to do it all? Attempt to do all 52 things with the other youth leaders in your group.

  1. Participate in a Seven Project on your local campus. (www.thesevenproject.com)
  2. Have lunch with students
  3. Attend a sporting event at the local jr/sr high
  4. Attend a jr/sr high musical/concert/etc
  5. Pray for your students
  6. Take another leader to lunch
  7. Memorize Scripture
  8. Go on an AIM trip (www.aim.ag.org)
  9. Give to Speed the Light (www.stl.ag.org)
  10. Develop an accountability relationship with another peer
  11. Take your spouse on a date
  12. Write a note to a parent/student
  13. Call a leader/student to encourage them
  14. Text a birthday wish to a parent
  15. Send an e-mail blast to your students regarding your next event
  16. Post upcoming events on your Facebook
  17. Run errands with students
  18. Tutor one or more of your students
  19. Lead a small group
  20. Volunteer at your local jr/sr high school
  21. Post announcements on YouTube
  22. Attend a youth rally
  23. E-mail a missionary
  24. Encourage your pastor
  25. Share what's going on in your youth ministry with the congregation
  26. Honor local heroes from your community (police, fire, medical and/or school personnel)
  27. Start a network with other youth leaders from your community
  28. Browse through www.youth.ag.org. Look for all the free resources for your youth ministry
  29. Take the youth group on an outing (canoe, ski, bowling, scavenger hunt, amusement park, etc)
  30. Coach a student and let them speak at the youth service
  31. Develop a worship team
  32. Get students involved in ministry
  33. Help a student start a Youth Alive Club (www.yausa.com)
  34. Take student leaders through FIRE Institute (www.fireinstitute.com)
  35. Get in physical shape
  36. Read a book on youth ministry
  37. Build your youth ministry calendar
  38. Attend a youth leader's conference
  39. Prayer walk around a school in your community
  40. Give a gift to another leader as a way of saying thanks
  41. Hold a small group at a sheep farm and talk about Jesus as a shepherd
  42. Make a video of a student's room. (Get parent's permission)
  43. Join with another youth ministry in your area for an event
  44. Put on a dinner theater with your students and raise money for Speed the Light
  45. Have your group fast a meal together
  46. Unexpectedly wash a student or leader's car
  47. Challenge your students to wear a Christian t-shirt to school on the same day
  48. Have a fast-food progressive dinner
  49. Hold an all-nighter with games, worship, small groups, movie and food
  50. Put together a mountain bike trip with other leaders and/or students
  51. Baby-sit children at the church while parents go Christmas shopping
  52. Think of 52 more things to do!

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