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5 Ways to Help Your Students Give $100 to Speed the Light

Thu, 05 Dec 2013 - 2:26 PM CST

1. Give Change so Others Might Be Changed

Take a Pringles can or other container to collect your change in during this next year. Whatever change you receive, put in your container to give to STL at the end of the year. Consider asking family members to place their change in your container also.

2. Sell Your Perishables so No One will Perish

Many communities have stores that will buy used clothes and then re-sell them. Sell these clothes you no longer wear. You may also find other items you no longer use (books, games, cell phones, movies on DVD, etc) that you can also sell to second hand shops.

3. Share a Ride so Missionaries Can Ride

As much as possible, share rides with friends. You may want to set up a carpool to youth group, school or other activities. Take the money you would have spent on gas to give it to STL.

4. Use Your Gifts so Others Can Discover Christ's Gift of Salvation

Have a special gift such as cooking, art, music, tutoring, photography, gardening, sewing, candle making, computer skills, etc.? With the help of your youth leader, announce that you are available to use your gifts to help others in your church or neighborhood. Set up a price for services or volunteer for a donation to missions.

5. Save So Others Might Be Saved

Determine to give an additional 10% of your income (first 10% is the Lord's tithe) to missions. Save money from all sources of income during the year. This may include a job you have, money from Christmas, birthdays, graduations, or from your favorite Aunt...for being such a good nephew or niece.

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