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52 Strange Holidays

Fri, 20 Dec 2013 - 3:24 PM CST

Here are some fun, and sometimes strange holiday celebrations! Use these for special events, amusing openers, social media, or just for fun. 


3   Chocolate Covered Cherry Day 

5   Second Hand Wardrobe Day 

13  Penguin Awareness Day

16  Nothing Day

24  Belly Laugh Day 


2   Wear Red Day

6   Pay a Compliment Day 

13  Get a Different Name Day 

22  Chili Day


1   Pig Day

9   Middle Name Pride Day

19  Act Happy Day

26  Make up Your Own Holiday Day

30  Take Your Parents to the Playground Day 


7   No Housework Day

17  Blah! Blah! Blah! Day 

19  High Five Day

21  World Cow Chip Day 


1   Save the Rhino Day

11  Eat What You Want Day 

15  Chocolate Chip Day 

18  Pizza Party Day 


8   Banana Split Day 

16  World Juggling Day

21  Watermelon Seed Spitting Day 

23  Marble Day

29  Chicken Wings Day 


2   I Forgot Day 

7   Chocolate Day 

13  Embrace Your Geekness Day 

24  Tell an Old Joke Day 

27  Walk on Stilts Day 


6   Fresh Breath Day 

17  Men's Grooming Day 

18  Bad Poetry Day 

30  Toasted Marshmallow Day


3   Bathtub Race Day

12  Video Games Day

19  Talk Like a Pirate Day

28  Love Note Day 


5   World Smile Day 

12  Egg Day 

27  Make a Difference Day 

31  Knock-Knock Jokes Day


1   Men Make Dinner Day 

2   Plan Your Epitaph Day 

4   Use Your Common Sense Day

21  Hello Day 


15  Cat Herders Day 

16  Chocolate Covered Anything Day 

28  No Interruptions Day 

31  Make up Your Mind Day 

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