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Momentum Conference - Kansas City Sessions

Thu, 27 Aug 2009 - 4:26 PM CST

Thursday - 4:00 PM
Jeanne Mayo – Three Strategies to Transform the Spiritual Tenor of Your Youth Ministry
Shawn Hennessy – Secrets of the Spirit – Unlocking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Thursday - 7:30 PM
Bernie Elliot – Getting students excited about God’s Word
Cecil Culbreth – Building Energizer Youth that “Keep Going”
Mark Vega – Passionate Preaching and Effective Altar Ministry
Paula Hall – Every Group Has One
Phil Rasmussen – Embracing the Media Generation

Friday 10:30 AM
Bruce Riddle – Dead at the Altar
Paul Abner – Making Sense out of Sex
Phil Knauer – Building Missions Giving Students in Your Ministry
Scott Lingerfelt – Building 21st Century Disciples
Terry Staggs – Balancing Family and Ministry

Friday 11:30 AM
Eric Porter – Say NO to Crack
Garland Owensby – The Apprentice: Developing Adult Volunteer Leaders
Jim Wellborn – AIM for the Heart

Friday - 2:00 PM
Scotty Gibbons – How to Preach like Billy Graham, Lead like Bill Hybels and Dance like Napolean Dynamite

Friday - 3:30 PM
Allen Weed – How to use Music and Media Effectively in Student Ministry
Chris Kimbro – Building a Campus Club
Doug Reed – Higher Ground
Jeremy DeWeerdt – Mentoring: The Act of Intentional Influence
Marty Burroughs – How to Help Your Pastor Succeed
Steve Pulis – Why we Do what we Do in Youth Ministry
Toby Schneckloth – Junior High Ministry: Now or Never

Friday - 4:30 PM
Al Force – Keeping Youth Ministry Pentecostal
Bruce Riddle – Steady Burn
Mark Entzminger – No Budget, No Secretary, No Problem
Mary Glenn – How to make Your Club the Best Club on Campus
Terry Staggs – Big Event Planning
Wayne Northup – You’re Killing Me

Saturday - 9:00 AM
Allen Griffin – The Urban Legends of Leadership

Saturday - 10:30 AM
Casey Gibbons – Help is on the Way
Doug Reed – The Ten Basics
Earl Creps – Pentecostal Experience and Postmodern Students
Nate Ruch – Current Issues in Mentorship
Paul Abner – Building the Parental Connection
Steve Pulis – Developing a Preaching Schedule
Waylon Sears – Small Groups: How to Start, Maintain and Grow a Small Group

Saturday - 11:30 AM
Bernie Elliot – Discipling Students through Bible Quiz
Jeff Baker – YA as a Strategy for Building your Youth Ministry
Mike McCrary – Proven Campus Ministry
Mike Fernandez – Monkey See, Monkey Do
Scotty Gibbons – Cultivating an Effective Altar Call in Youth Ministry
Shawn Hennessy – Loyalty: The Lost Discipline in Ministry
Titus Lee - Stretched
Toby Schneckloth – Planning a Big Event: The Blitz

Momentum Podcasts

Download these archived podcasts done by the National Youth Ministries team, covering everything from New Believer Follow Up to Summer Camps to Missions.

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www.explorethecall.com - a free, interactive website designed to help students identify, explore and nurture the call of God on their life.

www.liveabove.com - a coalition of youth, college and military ministries working together to transition students from high school to college/career

www.fulleryouthinstitute.org - Fuller Theological Seminary resource site on youth ministry.

www.youthandreligion.org - Premier statistical studies led by Christian Smith, author of Soul Searching.

www.cpyu.org - Center for parent and youth understanding by Walt Mueller

www.youthandleadership.com - NCU's youth and leadership resources

www.pluggedinonline.com - Movie/music/game reviews by focus on the family

TheFiftyTwo.com - Will provide you with an entire year of sermons, graphics, powerpoint slides, drama sketches, and other great ideas.

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