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Momentum Conference - Dallas Sessions

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 - 3:37 PM CST



  • Adam Deviza - A-Z Production

    It's the little things that matter when it comes to production and making sure the little things happen correctly will help the bigger picture be smooth sailing. Learn how to take your production to the next level.

  • Allen Griffin - Making It Count: Anointed Preaching with Creativity and Passion

    We have all struggled at times to write a 'Homerun' sermon. How do many great leaders and pastors come up with terrific messages that impact people the world over? How do we effectively communicate the Gospel with all the obstacles of culture time and budget? This is a session with ideas and solutions from many different great preachers, pastors, communicators and motivational speakers to give you a well-rounded and multi-faceted understanding of effective communication for the 21st Century.

  • Allen Weed - WHATYAGONNADOWITHWHATYAGOT?: How To Music And Media In Youth Ministry

    Your students spend a whopping seven hours EVERYDAY using entertainment media. The question is not 'if' but 'how' you can effectively use music and media in winning, building and sending teens. Everyone attending will receive free resources (DVDs, Bible Studies) and good ideas from this session.

  • Brad Fox - Building Teams to Succeed

    LeBron went to Miami to win it all. That should be our goal too in building our teams. Building a volunteer youth staff can be a ton of work. When putting a team together you want to do it with purpose and balance. Finding the right people and putting them in a role that will help the team succeed is a must!

  • Brian Neugent - Relating to Your Senior Pastor

    As a former Senior Pastor with a Youth Pastor that was with me for nine years I can relate to this area. Now serving as District Youth Director I hear the good and bad from Pastors and Youth Pastors concerning their relationship. This discussion deals with how to form and maintain a healthy relationship with your Senior Pastor.

  • Chris McGough - Effectively Assessing Discipleship Growth

    This workshop will cause leaders to think differently about how growth is measured as a result of discipleship efforts. An introduction to the difference between top-line assessment and bottom-line assessment will be made in order to help attendees adopt a new paradigm of measuring discipleship that isn't based on counting things (like how many chapters read in the Bible, how many minutes prayed, how much money given, etc.) but rather on how they have become more like Christ through the process. Attendees will become participants in the workshop by trying on the material and working in small groups.

  • Chris McGough - Strategic Leadership and Temperaments

    This workshop will examine the four personality types through the lens of leadership and how to be an effective leader to each, as they are all en- countered in youth ministry. Many times leaders try to lead all people according to their own personality type and the results can be frustrating. By understanding how each personality type operates and how to best lead each in order for all to flourish in ministry, the leader can be strategic in how he or she leads each person in order to maximize the potential within everyone working within the youth ministry. The attendee will also learn about the strengths and weakness of his/her own personality type and how each can affect their own leadership abilities within youth ministry.

  • Chris Smith - Balancing a Healthy Youth Ministry and Healthy Personal/Family Life

    As a youth pastor/youth leader, it can be hard to have a healthy balance between ministry and personal/family life. In this session, we look at practical ways to prioritize these areas of our life and accomplish a healthy balance in both.

  • Dave Wallace - Discipleship in Urban Setting: Fellowship Groups, Visitation, Leadership Camp in an Urban Setting.

    Youth gather the day following the Youth Service in small groups to discuss the previous night's message. Each week every young person who attends the Friday Night Service is personally visited in their home. Youth who have demonstrated a desire to go deeper with God are invited to a specially designed leadership camp that occurs every three months to help develop students spiritually for leadership.

  • Dave Wallace - Urban Evangelism

    Each week P.O.L. Youth Leaders spread across the city sharing the gospel with youth at school, at parks and on some of the toughest streets of Oakland, CA. Love compels them to often go where no one has gone before. These 'pastors to the street' are on a weekly manhunt for youth 12-20 years of age. Whether reached on the streets or at school, youth are invited to a dynamic Youth Service where over 100 youth gather for an assortment of activities, games, a dramatized message and a powerful altar call. Learn firsthand to encounter urban teens from tough neighborhoods.

  • Dr. Garland Owensby - Helping Students Who Hurt

    What's your style when it comes to helping students who are hurting and how to address issues of addiction and self-injury.

  • Fred Stoeker - Shaping Destiny with Purity

    Sharing some of the nine common myths about dating and sexuality, I will explore how the youth leaders may not only impact the destiny of the individual, but also the entire destiny of a family tree, for generations to come. What is actually possible when it comes to sexuality purity? Everything.

  • Jaime Kemp - Wrestling with a Call to Foreign Missions

    How you, as a youth leader, can discover your role in global missions, whether that means staying in America, committing a year or two to missions as a MA, or even a becoming a career missionary.

  • Jason Dorsey - Campus Driven Youth Ministry

    Reaching students means getting into their world. If the campus is at the center of the student's world, it should be at the center of our ministry. Campus missions can drive our vision, and give us a purpose that keeps us from being inward-focused.

  • Jeremy Moore - Swordplay... Connecting Students with the Word

    This breakout session will give youth leaders the tools to teach students the importance of staying grounded in their Bibles and the impact it can have on their lives. Challenging students to read and carry their Bibles opens the door for witnessing opportunities they wouldn't normally have. The 30-Day Bible Challenge will also be broken down in this session. How do I get my students to carry their Bibles for one month and what should they expect?

  • Jeremy Mount - Thriving in a Multi-Ethnic Church

    How to Celebrate Diversity not just Tolerate Diversity

  • Jesse Watson - Afterhours

    Using weekly strategic after service events to build relationships and grow your ministry.

  • Jesse Watson - Big

    Planning, Organizing and Delivering on BIG events to help grow your ministry.

  • Jon Catron - Healthy Staff Relationships

    Many times, youth leaders have unhealthy staff relationships that can cause you to be less effec- tive in reaching students. How can we support the team and yet still fulfill what God has called us to do?

  • Josh Mayo - Dry Bones

    God wants to breathe life into you and your ministries life. An encouraging, refreshing, and motivational message for leaders. Seeing what looks dead and allowing God's Spirit to move through you to breathe life into your dead and dying students.

  • Marty Burroughs - The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    How to preach this important message in way students can understand the meaning and mission of the Holy Spirit.

  • Matt Wilke - Creative Compassion

    You and your students desire to share Jesus in practical ways in your community and around the world. In this session on Creative Compas- sion, you'll hear true stories from the field where students and leaders have thought out of the box, and found ways to connect Jesus with those in need.

  • Micheal Fernandez - Creative Elements in Preaching

    This workshop will offer practical creative suggestions that can enhance the delivery and retention of biblical messages. Special emphasis will be placed on creating teaching moments using multi-media, dramas, object lessons and purposeful audience interaction.

  • Micheal Fernandez - Get Your Act Together (Administrative Side of Ministry)

    This workshop will deal with developing a team of volunteers, personal organizational strategies, where's the ministry money going and how to handle inter-office relationships. This will be a broad view of how to handle the basic structure of a beginning youth ministry.

  • Paul Abner - The Parent Factor

    The great untapped resource in setting students up for relational success comes through their parents.

  • Rachel Chima - Bath & Body Works

    Straight Talk for Girls: Sexual Purity. How to talk with girls regarding this important topic.

  • Rodney Goodlett - Helping Parents Succeed

    One of our core values in youth ministry, as a youth pastor should be helping parents succeed. If parents succeed in raising Godly teens then the youth ministry will succeed. As a youth leader, we don't just pastor students, we pastor parents of teens.

  • Rodney Wardwell - Potential Student Ministry Dream Killers

    Every student pastor kicks off their ministry with big goals and God-sized dreams, however too many youth pastors and their families either become casualties of bad ministry experiences or are simply one and done. In this session, we'll cover seven areas of potential dangers that could create devastation for a youth pastors life and ministry if they are left unchecked.

  • Rusty Railey - The Power of Words From a Youth Leader

    What two powerful truths do all youth workers need to keep in mind regarding words? What are the types of words we should use with our students? In youth ministry we spend a lot of time on youth program development but hardly anytime on our words development.

  • Shawn Reine - Leading Leaders

    Mentoring, training, developing, and working with student leaders and a team of adult volunteers. Doing Ministry with them and not just for them. Mentoring does not stop when students graduate.

  • Toby Schneckloth - Middle School Ministry Now or Never

    Ministry to these young teenagers is often one of the most challenging and overlooked parts of youth ministry. But with the right training and approach, it could be the most exciting and effective ministry. With an ever increasing culture that is contrary to Christianity, ministry to these young students is truly now, or never.

  • Waylon Sears - Changing the Way You Think About Prayer

    Focusing on building a strong prayer life and ministry in the lives of your leadership and students.

  • Waylon Sears - Disciples Making Disciples

    How to build strong discipleship cultures and raise up the next generation of leaders in your youth ministry.

  • Wayne Northrup - How to Get a Laugh & A Life Change

    In today's fast paced world of communication how in the world would you hold a students attention for 30-45 minutes at a time. Come find out the skills needed to not only connect but see life-change.

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