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KJ-52 Bumper Videos

Tue, 11 Sep 2012 - 2:59 PM CST

Bumper Videos are designed to help set the stage for teaching on the 16 fundamental truths of Scripture. Topics include: Salvation, the Word of God, baptism, Communion, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Healing, the return of Christ and more. Videos are just a few minutes in length, giving you time to teach and/or lead discussion concerning the topic.

Foundation Videos (Fundamental Truths 1-8)

Download the Foundation videos (ZIP file)

Inspiration Videos (Fundamental Truths 9-16)

Download the Inspiration videos (ZIP file)

Momentum Podcasts

Download these archived podcasts done by the National Youth Ministries team, covering everything from New Believer Follow Up to Summer Camps to Missions.

To view or listen to these podcasts, click on the down arrow to the right of the title.









www.explorethecall.com - a free, interactive website designed to help students identify, explore and nurture the call of God on their life.

www.liveabove.com - a coalition of youth, college and military ministries working together to transition students from high school to college/career

www.fulleryouthinstitute.org - Fuller Theological Seminary resource site on youth ministry.

www.youthandreligion.org - Premier statistical studies led by Christian Smith, author of Soul Searching.

www.cpyu.org - Center for parent and youth understanding by Walt Mueller

www.youthandleadership.com - NCU's youth and leadership resources

www.pluggedinonline.com - Movie/music/game reviews by focus on the family

TheFiftyTwo.com - Will provide you with an entire year of sermons, graphics, powerpoint slides, drama sketches, and other great ideas.

Crisis Resources

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