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Not a fan of getting all the logistical crud together? We've got everything you need right here.


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It's no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing the church today is reaching and retaining 20-somethings. Countless research has been conducted and a numerous amount of books have been written suggesting that the church isn't doing a very good job connecting with young adults.

We don't feel like it's our job, however, to cause the church to feel guilty about what they may not be doing, but instead to come along side church and lay leaders and to train them to capture and implement a vision to connect with this generation. Check out how it works. Click Here PDF Version

Small group material and messages

(Free downloads)

Young Adults place a high value on depth, especially when it comes to examining scripture and exploring the complexities of our faith.  These resources are made available from experienced Bible teachers and communicators to young adults all throughout the country.

Philippians (Free)

In Paul's letter to Philippi, he stresses the idea that the Christian life is not just about the future (hanging on until we get to Heaven), but is really about the here and now - and living lives that bring honor and glory to Jesus. Most likely written from a Roman prison, he encourages unified and cooperative living while warning the church of the reality of persecution. This could be used as a 12 week exegetical walk through the entire book.

The Lord's Prayer For Today (Free)

The disciples must have struggled with their prayer life because they ask Jesus to 'teach them how to pray.' These 7 messages will teach your young adults how to pray.

Sacred Pursuit (Free)

A four-week series that uses passages from the book of Proverbs to connect the importance of wisdom to many areas of our lives.


Hearing God (Free)

A three-week series that uses sound Biblical principles to take us through a comprehensive study on living our day-to-day lives hearing and interacting with God.

Stuck In An Elevator (Free)

A five-week series on the value of community in the Christian life. Each week a new concept is unpacked and explored at length.

Unstuck (Free)

A four-week series on dating relationships. This study covers Biblical examples of dating, the concept of love, and identity in Christ with or without a boyfriend or girlfriend

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